Whoo-hoo! My first official TEN GOOD REASONS review came in from one of the top trade magazines, Kirkus Reviews. I love it:


Workaholic marketing whiz Lia is forced to slow down when a friend’s injury threatens his charter whale-watching business—as well as her own corporate promotion—and she has to keep the operation afloat with reluctant help from his sexy, vexing brother.

Lia McCabe lives life at breakneck speed. Not only does she have a corporate job with a revered Southern California ad agency, but she also does marketing jobs for businesses in her beloved Sandy Cove. Helping get her friend Drew’s whale-watching business off the ground has been personally rewarding and professionally strategic, since she’s impressed her boss with a unique idea for West Coast client entertainment. But just days before launching, Drew is in a motorcycle accident and can’t captain the boat. Determined to move forward, Lia approaches Drew’s surly brother, Evan, who’s been sailing around the world for a couple of years for reasons Lia isn’t completely sure of, though she knows they are tragic and include the death of his wife. At first, Evan resents Lia’s optimism and cheerful outlook, but as they’re forced together on a string of tours in preparation for the major corporate event, her endless energy begins to affect him, and he might have to give in to their obvious attraction and let a little sunshine into his life—and soul. For her part, Lia’s slower pace on the boat makes her question her choices, and after a series of painful and triumphant experiences she shares with the crew, the clients and especially Evan, her goals begin to shift. Christopher’s second novel is a polished and accomplished success with a terrific mix of romantic chemistry, sexual tension and a touching emotional journey to happy-ever-after once two unsettled souls find sanctuary in each other.

A smart, poignant contemporary romance from an author to watch.

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