RT Book Reviews Magazine Gives TEN GOOD REASONS 4.5 Stars!

Well, this is uber-exciting! RT Book Reviews magazine gave TEN GOOD REASONS 4.5 stars (its highest number — kind of a long story, but they only give 4.5 stars in memory of their founder).

Here’s the review:


Lauren Christopher
***1/2 HOT

Christopher has done it again. This is a classy, straight-up romance with a good plot, believable characters and great pacing. This is especially recommended for readers who prefer their romance without serial killers, magic or billionaires.

Summary: Lia is a workaholic who tries to fix all her friends’ problems. Now, crisis has struck. Her friend Drew has been in an accident that will prevent him from captaining his whale-watching boat for the all-important launch of his new venture. Lia needs to find a substitute captain who Drew will trust with his boat and who can talk about whales. How about Drew’s mystery brother? Evan hasn’t been in touch with his family and he has barricaded his emotions so they won’t cut him anymore. Lia is a thorn in his side, but she won’t leave him alone, and he does owe his brother. As they struggle to work as a team, Lia and Evan begin to form bonds that shake both of them. (BERKLEY SENSATION, Apr., 320 pp., $7.99)– Bunny Callahan

Issue: April 2015